Graham Berry - Photographer

What is restoration?

Cherished photographs both old and new can be damaged by accident or purely by the ravages of time, unless you have the negative your options are limited.

The wonders of modern technology means we can now in most cases restore photographs to something approaching their original glory. Digital restoration allows us to work on an image without the need to physically change your original.

The original is digitally scanned and the restoration is undertaken using a computer, the restored picture being presented as a new print, thus the risk to your valuable original is kept to a minimum as no process is applied to your photograph other than scanning.

What will it cost?

Any size original up to a max of A4 printed any size up to: A4 - 15.00 or A3 - 30.00 - Additional copies available see our prices page

These prices include scanning and basic corrections. Additional restoration work is charged in 15 minute units at a rate of 6.00 per unit. I will give you an estimate of how much time will be needed.

(If you have more than one origonal please contact us as volume rates could apply)

Please feel free to give us a call to discuss your requirements.

Copying Services

Do you have a print you want to share but have lost the negative or file ?

We can help .....

Do you have a slide collection you want to watch on TV ?

We can help .....

Do you have a DV or VHS video to share on DVD ?

We can help .....

Do you have video and pictures you want turned into a video ?

We can help .....

If you answered YES to any of the above please give me a call to discuss your needs.