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Formal Wedding Photography

When the last dance is done your wedding photographs become part of the memory of your special day”

The relationship between Photographer and the Bridal couple is very important. It is essential that the photographer you choose gets on well with you the couple, your family and friends, It goes without saying that they can produce quality photographs as well.

Your wedding day is a unique event in history and should be a happy and enjoyable experience and your wedding photographs are your record of this,

To this end I will be happy to visit you at home without obligation to discuss your needs and show you examples of my work and advise you on all aspects of wedding photography even if you decide you prefer someone else.

I only undertake one wedding on any one day so you will have my complete attention. Also I do not use other photographers so if you book me for your wedding you will get me.

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Candid Wedding Photography

“Have you any idea how much you miss when you’re getting married?”

A lot, believe me . . . . . . . .

Whilst you are taking your vows, looking lovingly at each other & enjoying your special day, have you wondered what your family & friends will be doing?

We can help you with our Candid Service, by capturing some of those off the cuff moments you could miss during your wedding day, by taking candid photographs of your guests & of you.

How does it work?

While I am taking the more traditional shots of yourselves, family & friends, Kaaren or Mick will be in amongst the crowd digitally capturing those unique moments, in a relaxed, non posed environment.

It really brings the whole wedding day experience together.

So you now know what we offer

        and you have seen what we can do ........

“So what does it cost and what do you get”

We have for a long time kept our pricing structure to a simple three tier system that suited most wedding senarios, we’re our clients paid a fee and received attendance, a preview album to keep and a finished traditional album from our Bronze range.

This way our clients knew that their complete photography package was in place and that there were no hidden extras to pay for after the wedding.

We are not changing this but the range of album products and services currently available means we can now offer you a wider range of choices to enhance your chosen package.

We can now offer an extended range of traditional albums, and new for this year a wide range of photobook albums and DVD slide shows giving our clients a broad choice of how their wedding is presented.

Please visit our What’s Included & Prices page for details .......

Thank you

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Bronze Albums
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